[Solved] How Can I add or delete Information to a List Viewer and save it or delete it from Local Data Base?

Hi Thunkers! I need that the User could add or delete information using a List Viewer and I need that those changes be saved in the Local Data Base/Storage… So the user could close open the App then and could find the same information that he Added before… Thanks!

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Hi there,

The Local DB component doesn’t store changes to its data between sessions.

What I’d recommend is adding/removing items from a list, then saving that list as a stored variable.

You can see an example of this in @Darren’s To Do List tutorial. Where he uses a cloud list, you can use a stored list.


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This is the feature I added as Notes screen in my Hackathon’s app.

It’s on notes & todo screen in my app -


I think this screen perfectly matches your requirement :wink:

Note: - if you have a signup screen in your app, then store a empty list in your local storage wih tag “notes” -


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