Delete for Local DB or Local Storage

I may be missing something here but I have searched and searched trying to find a way to delete data that has been saved in Local DB or Local Storage for that matter. Is there a way to do it? I would like to allow the user to make a local list of items and then delete them if necessary. Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @boogarweed,

There’s a remove item from list block, and depending on what you’re trying to do, you might need to use it in conjunction with th index of thing in list block.

Okay, I see where the Local DB only has the following blocks available; GetCell, SetCell, NumberOfRows, GetColumn & GetRow. So do I somehow use the List blocks to accomplish this? I’m not following so far. Thanks again for the help!

Hey there, I´ve been having a similar issue for a couple of months with removing item from local lists. Staff told me it was a bug, but now deadline for app delivery is close and I´m still having the same issue.
I´ve tried with the following blocks: “get and remove” and “remove” alone, or in combination with “find first” and then remove, as shown in my blocks below…
Any ideas?

False alarm my last post, my problem persists. I´ve tried a lot of combinations and nothing helps. I´ve also tried to shuffle the list after each removal in an effort to “refresh” the list, but nothing works. Any ideas or solution?

Do you have an example where i can see how that exactly works?

Thank you.

Can you specify exactly what you would like to see an example of?