World Changer! Put your Idea on how we can change the world!

Hi everybody! Hope your having a good day!

I have created a project called World Changer! This app gets you to put your idea of how you think we can change the world!

Here is the project link: Thunkable

Hope you like it!



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The last block here adds the user’s idea to the end of the List Viewer each time the screen opens:

So if you go back and forth between screens, it just keeps duplicating your idea in the list:

Instead, I think you want to set List Viewer1's text items to cloud variable shareIdeas.

Why are you using a stored variable and a cloud variable?


You may also add that cloud storage will not work in this situation as we have the project link which usually comes without the Firebase API and Database URL and if everyone used his own API and URL it will act the same way the stored variable is used. Each will only see his/her own input.

Without a common API and URL for the database no one will see the ideas of others.

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But a published web app would work, wouldn’t it? It would retain the Firebase API & URL, I assume.


Yes, you are right on that but at this point I wouldn’t use my only 2 web apps connection just for a demo. Just an opinion.


How could I possibly fix this duplicating problem.

I already provided a solution. Have you tried it?

Don’t insert an item in the list when the screen opens. Just set the List Viewer’s text items to the correct variable.

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Oh ok I’ll try it.

When I changed the variable into the cloud variable shareIdeas, it just simply doesn’t show anything.

Post a new link to your project.

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You’re using single variables to store a text string. That means that each time someone taps “Post” to add an idea, it overwrites the existing value that was stored before. You need to use a list or a data source instead.

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I think I fixed it.

Here is the link @tatiang.

It doesn’t work. Did you test it? If I post a new idea, it gets saved to the cloud variable. But you’re using the stored variable to populate the list viewer. Those two variables aren’t the same.

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Oh let me fix that. :sweat_smile:

I’ve tried using list viewer’s text items to populate the list viewer. Some how it doesn’t work.

Can you fix this?