Word Clock DIY Kit is inspirational

i just came across this DIY project at IMGUR

and i was fascinated! i do not have the dexterity to manipulate wires, diodes, pegs, cogs, etc - and i doubt if i’ll ever be able to build a clock like that (physically)!

wouldn’t it be nice to have THAT on a mobile device? (hint, hint)

(edit. it turns out this was made specfically for the the author’s brother and his wife, Dean and Shelby.
you may keep them OR change them OR remove them OR rearrange them.)

edit. i came up with an alternate distribution in a 9x9 array that can handle all the common time expressions. (note; i’ve dropped happy birthday, dean,shelbey, it is, and oclock. just replace the blanks with any letter (they’re unused)


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Hello! I know that my question isn’t related to your post, but in December 2021, you posted a link to the calendar. Could you please send it again? Your project would help me a lot. Thank you.

please try this:

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