Finally a time and calendar

get the time and calendar app at link -

1. Time in HH:MM:SS 
2. added its image
3. Added Calendar
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if any error please tell


You may want to modify the format for time to


This is a lot more common than using slash’s

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ok thank you

new update now showing time in HH:MM:SS

what is slash???

new update added its clock image

update added calendar
thank you @manyone for the calendar at Create a 2020 Calendar

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we should all thank @domhnallohanlon- he started the original calendar (see top of Create a 2020 Calendar) in the first place!

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Thank you again for your review @jared and @manyone
Update coming will also work offline

it is very good but you should add a screen

screen for what?

for showing time
just my suggestion

here is one of my project you can add this to you app

i did not get what are you trying to say?

he ssays seprate sceen for time and calender
i guess it isnt needed


thank for your comment @ekansh_devs_oo, @ekansh_devs_oo @guptasgurgaond - another reminder here that this is a Community forum and not a chat app.

Please let me know you need any guidance on editing your posts.


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giving suggestions and all isnt chatting if yes thenn i will pm and give suggestions

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