[Solved] I would like to see a Clock component in Thunkable X


I tried to rebuild my “Kältemelder” app with Thunkable X and I realized that it is lacking the most basic features… Like there is no time sensor, there is no input type for date or time, there is no possibility to add icons or custom fonts, you cannot even create a pin where the user taps on the map :confused: I seriously don’t get why you shot this out of beta with no real improvements being made… It is quite useless to have an assistant or slider item if you don’t even have the most basic sensors / items :frowning: you should have kept this a beta and slowly grow it and improve it instead of just throwing this half-baked something to users and start charging money for a solution that actually is no solution right now… I really loved Thunkable and I hope I’ll somewhen be able to like it again but right now I am really disappointed about what you made…

I am also really sad that you still did not implement things that we told you as feedback right from the beginning of the Thunkable X Beta but instead added nonsense features that are not needed to create basic apps…


Here’s an example that allows you to get the current time/date via an API.

well thumbs up for your effort but I think Thunkable has to add a clock sensor component because an app that needs internet connection just to access the time is rather …you name it…


Thanks for your feedback Chris. I made this sample app for a couple of reasons.

  1. A few people specifically asked for guidance working with a Time/Date API so this is the beginning of a more in-depth tutorial on the topic.
  2. Until a clock component is added this serves as a simple work around. All the code is open source for anyone to remix and include in their own app.
  3. In lots of cases it’s more secure to use a time server that users can’t manipulate. I’m thinking specifically about time-limited trials where changing the local time will artificially extend the trial period.

While you are correct that a clock component would be great to have, and you are well aware that one is being built, this isn’t an either/or situation. There’s no need to be dismissive of any project simply because it doesn’t meet your narrow definition of “useful”. We’re a varied and diverse community here so what works for one person or interests some users won’t necessarily apply universally.

I look forward to seeing what innovations/improvements you can make to this project.

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there is not clock component yet? i also think would be nice to have it

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I did my own clock component to calculate diference between date and time and all that stuff is very easy… use math components and procedures won’t take you more than 100blocks depends on what you want !

maybe tell me for what you need clock component and I may help you !

i need to take the date and time to save in firebase. Timestamp lets say.

there is a new block that do this! is in the device components


thank you very much for the info!!! :kissing_heart: