Wondering why app on ios looks great and bad on android


I want to share a major finding, I made today:

To make your app looking good on android device as well, you need to go to every column and row (properties-> advanced->spacing) and set every margin and every padding to 0. So you need to type eight times a “0”!

UPDATE: actually the bug sits in the top padding. There you have to set the “0”



Hey @User81 ! I have the same issue, should I set all my objects or only the columns and row ?

All top paddings to 0 ? What a nice discovery you’re saving my app !

I am very glad to hear that. I have only found it for the top padding of any row and any column.

The Screen-component has the same issue but you should not type in a “0” in the Screen-Properties because it has the right size yet. Maybe this is the cause for this “bug”, because in the case of the Screen-component the “bug” is really good.

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Ok thanks !

Thank you buddy for sharing! I had the same issue since the last update and now this is solved :slight_smile:

YES!!! Thanks so much! This didn’t seem to be an issue until the last update, but all of a sudden my whole app was messed up. I thought I had done about everything to find the issue. Thanks for posting and helping the community!

Thanks, @User81! We’ll look into this and perhaps change the defaults.


Hi, it works for me too. Thanks a lot.