Why this script reacts differently on mobile than on the web?

Hello I have a problem with this script that displays JSON data on a table in the webviewer.


{"name":"Michael", "age":"30", "birthdate":"11/10/1989"}

I have upload the script if you want to test :
[ mac2night.com/test.html)
Or direct download : test.txt (1.1 KB)

expected response :
In web view

what I get on IOS and Android

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See this post

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Hi @muneer Indeed we have the same problem but no solution to date.

seems you are using emulator

Not at all with simulator or not it doesn’t change anything I use scrcpy to reflect my screen


@kushweez - just looking at that link, you’re sending us to a web page. I don’t see anything in the console…isn’t the “script” supposed to return some JSON?

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Sorry the site was still working a while ago it seems to have a problem with the host. You will find the script in the txt file it’s exactly the same sorry for this problem.

New hosting : https://mac2night.com/test.html

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Sure, but it’s the same issue @kushweez - this page doesn’t return any JSON

This page returns JSON in table form only on the web responsive view not on mobile.