Webviewer json object to text

to determine the size of the current screen I have an idea:

Is it possible to load a json object of a weviewer response?
I tried the app getDeviceInfo published in this forum earlier.
There I get all informations about my device, even the hight and width of the screen.
But how to extract that to variables?


An example of data exchange using a web server and cookie.


For greater reliability, you need to use Firebase, but this will greatly complicate the project. Of course, it would be best to get the data directly from the Web Viewer.

Could‘nt it be easier?
With Javascript you can determine the screensize.
But how can I transfer the result of a javascript funktion into a thunkable string?

You need a repository that has access to both JavaScript and Thunkable X. While this can only be done through a web server.

This is the question I have as well. http://community.thunkable.com/t/parsing-json-in-thunkable-x/54535?u=ken_bushey

Am I hearing @actech say it is impossible to extract the webviewer result into a variable?