Issues handling JSON objects when received as message from webviewer

Is anyone familiar with receiving objects from the webviewer? I have no issue working with a text only response.

When I receive an object I am unable to work with it when using the on phone companion app but when using the live preview on the design screen there is no issue and all works as expected
I have posted about this here.

Tagging advanced users as it seems to be an advanced issue: @paulmw @domhnallohanlon @Steven @actech

Hopefully someone can point out where I went wrong or can verify the issue.

Simply to revive this. Is there anyone else who can confirm the issue I describe here?


I responded to the issue you linked and I’m not yet able to reproduce. I don’t believe you posted the github issue (if you did I apologize!) so can you please share a link to a project that isn’t working for you? You can send it to me privately or post it here, whichever you prefer. It doesn’t have to be a project you’re working on if you’re able to make a small example project demonstrating the issue that would actually be preferable.


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The project linked above is the one from the video. Thank you for trying to figure this out.

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