hi, thank you for Thunkable.
I am new with Thunkable and sorry to bother you with that :),

I do not see the “value” behind these two version names (if we are speaking about version) “SNAP TO PLACE” and “DRAG AND DROP” ???

  1. I noted, according to your settings (Account > Settings > Features)
Drag and drop on new projects
Default new projects to drag and drop interface

This change (for new projects) the left menu.

But components are always “Drag and Drop”-able

And why “SNAP TO PLACE” is the “main” one?

Please note this has been a little bit confusing for me as video tutorials have different screens and I didn’t notice this “nuance” at the beginning :slight_smile:

  1. A question please. You don’t have a versioning? LikeThunkable v2.0

Thank you for your time and your indulgence


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Welcome to Thunkable.

StP (Snap to Place) was and still is the main UI platform. Thunkable is continuously developing and enhancing the platform and it was the time to introduce the DnD (Drag and Drop) UI which is still in Beta.

The StP name comes from the way components are arranged in the screen. You can not just place it the position you want but it will snap itself in the position according to the settings of the container that it is in. So if you place a component in the screen it will, by default go to the center because the setting of the screen is to align to the center. So it snaps itself to the center (the pre-set place) no matter where you place it. This has been challenging for some.

The new UI which is the DnD acts in a different way, the component “sits” wherever you place it, hence the name. You drag it from the component palette and drop it anywhere you want.

Thunkable is still developing the DND platform and eventually it should replace the StP and we will have just one (I assume).

Feel free to ask if something is not clear to you.


Thank you for this very clear explanation.

I understand it was important for you to mention this in the “version name”.
Instead of incrementing a number or referring to a group of things (like animals for Ubuntu)

I noted you modified too the left menu :).
Design tab has now only the components :).
Others elements are in Blocks. So, now, no need to create “invisible” elements :).

Thank you again for your time.



Better to stay with latest version as this is a web Development tool and nothing in the tool need to be downloaded so all will use the one and the same.

Thant is part of the continuous development. Thanks to the Thunkable development tool.

The name is Design so it is kept for what you can design with.

The name invisible is by itself misleading, They are now part of the coding blocks.

I’m a user in the community and not working for Thunkable.

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Thank you for this interesting feedback.

This make things clear for me :).

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