[Solved] Can you explain why there are two different app builder experiences?

I’m pretty new to Thunkable, but have made several apps on App Inventor. I have been trying to figure out where the difference between
the same screenshots in Thunkable come from? see attached clips from two different sample apps.

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You didn’t attached any clips.
But I assume you are talking about StP (that stands for Snap to Place) version of Thunkable versus DnD (Drag and Drop).
Working in one or another can be chosen when you first create a new project.
My advise is to stick with DnD as new user, because this will be the future of Thunkable.

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Thanks for your reply. I have attached clips now. But I am missing more layout icons, in the toop I am missing more icons, e.g. copy, download, he
lp, community, and when describing the database from google sheets, e.g. layout

You are absolutely right, most of my worries lie in what you answer me. I still thought the StP version makes the most sense to me. Why is it deleted?
Thank you.

I myself like more StP, i just feel that i have more control. And maybe this is because I started 1 year ago with it, and never tried DnD too serious.
But if devs think that DnD is better, I’ll just move to it when time will come with no regret. I’ll get used with DnD too :blush:

You are absolutely right, I have the same feeling. probably because I have worked really hard with app inventor. Thank you for your answers. we’ll close it here.

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