Why isn't my Live Test showing the Phone thing?

I just made a new project and when it’s finish i wanted to use the Test try it but when i clicked on Live Test it didn’t show the Picture of the phone so i couldn’t tested it. What should i do ??? :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Does the live test dialog appear but with no image of the phone or do you get nothing at all?

No Phone only

Can you share your project with me and I will have a look for you. Cant promise anything but I will do what I can.

To other person the phone thing still shows but to me it doesn’t

It only happens to me

But here you go


Works for me too. I tried the live test and preview. Both work for me. I have even had it on my phone using the thunkable app. I changed the size of your 3 text fields from 80% to 25% so they fitterdon my iphone. Other than that I cant see a reason for it not to work.

Sorry I cant be more help.

Hi you tried chatting directly to Thunkable support. THey are not the fastest but they are pretty good.