Why isn't my code working? (Creating sprite at created sprite's position)

Im trying to create a sprite at the coordinates of a sprite that has already been created, but no sprite appears. How can i fix this?

The do section of create Sprite i currently bugged as described here:


Thanks for clarifying that.

Could there be any workaround for this?

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Put the block ubderneat each other and replace the green component block with the following.
Use a list block to get the last item of the list.
The list is the get list of image sprites block.

Sorry, but i haven’t used lists before in Thunkable.

Could you show me how they work?

This may be a temporary solution.
You can remove the draggable block its Just there for testing.
Does not work with events for the screen.

Any chance you can post a link to your project?

I want to make sure the green component blocks are being used correctly because you have them nested which could cause conflicts.