Why doesn't my app create any sprites?

Lately I’ve been trying to create a little game but for some reason the app - while previously working - doesn’t create any sprites. I solely moved one of these “when game opens”-bracets a tiny bit. The only thing that works the wy it’s supposed to is the timer.

If you find any reason as to why this is please tell me.

Edit: Sometimes it does actually create sprites but that’s not the case everytime I start the app. Further, they don’t always move and for some reason the app always creates two sprites instead of the amount of sprites that should be created according to the formula. Moreover, the sprites that are created mostly either spawn at the same location or only really one sprite spawn at a time.

When setting the x/y speed, the block takes in an individual sprite, not a list of sprites. So you’d need to use a loop like the one below:


Even if I use “all sprites in aim”? Wouldn’t that refer to all sprites that belong to aim?

You need to refer to each sprite separately. You can go through the list of all sprite one by one. We’ll eventually allow you to provide list of sprites, but that doesn’t work now.

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