Why is this block a NaN?

Beginner question :roll_eyes: … where do i do wrong ? why i got NotaNumber result ?
Object`s property is also a “seconds since 1970” value…
1st i assumed that is a number there, but just to make sure, i added +0 to those too… still a NaN result…

What is the output of that pink block? If you set a label to that value, what do you see?

a number, just like here:

my bad, extra testing was revealing that var wasnt getting values from firebase… pink block shows .null :frowning:
this only web preview working is gettin me headacke :slight_smile:

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Great, glad you found it!

I hear ya - web preview is its own special thing. I’m lucky that my current project is firebase-only. If it weren’t, I think I’d be taking a day or three off!

Post again if you need help getting that value into the block where it should be!