Why is my account used?

I has been a few years since I have used thunnkable, today once I logged in, everythings different. Everything, including the projects I don’t use anymore. All the projects have changed like someone else have used it. Can anyone help?

Can you share screenshots? It’s hard to know what you mean without more details and images.

I’s very hard to send screenshots because it will look normal.
THe problem I’m having is that all projects aren’t mine.

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Are you able to edit the projects that isn’t yours?

First, did the UI change? Thunkable changed the project screen so it looks better.

If your apps are actually looking different, first check if your Thunkable account linked google? If it is linked to your google account, does someone share the same google account as you? If so, ask them if they did anything. If not, it might be a security breach. If that’s the case, I will flag staff to this.

Did you also do what @tatiang said below (that can be a reason):

Did you remix projects? When you click a link to view someone else’s project, it may be remixed into your account.

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No, I haven’t used this account for around a year

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@matt_conroy, @ioannis, is @isaachychowg2u6c8 account being, hacked?
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@isaachychowg2u6c8, no one has access to your account, correct?

This is really something for Thunkable Staff to respond to. Since it’s the weekend, I’m going to close this topic.


Since this involves account related issues, we’ll message the user privately about this. Thanks for your assistance, all!

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