Why does my variable say null when I add values together?

My quiz app compares answer entered by users to what I have saved as the Correct answer on the Airtable Spreadsheet,so if it matches,each of the answers Variables will be set to (5),else to (0),so it’s a 3 questions weekly quiz session from the App.
So at the click of the SUBMIT Button it sums up all values in the Variables and then set a TOTAL variable to the result gotten from all Answers Variables and then upload it to the Airtable Spreadsheet.
Here is the link to the sample app below, thanks in advance guys

Whats the issue you are facing? What have you tried? Which variables returns null? Have you tried de-bugging and seeing if you are able to retrieve the correct answer from airtable?

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This is what ive tried so far

When you click the submit button, what does Label-RANKS show?

If that shows null, then the problem is with your get property of object block. How have you checked to make sure that the property you are getting is a valid value? One way to do this is to change the value of a label’s text to the get property of object block and watch to see what values appear during the loop.


Ok I will try that out, thanks

I’ve done what you asked but still getting same result,the values are not adding up as expected

I’m not sure how to help you because you haven’t answered my questions. Without specifics, it’s not enough to tell me “the values are not adding up as expected.”

I’ve set the label to be (5) if the Property of get values=the Answer ,and that works,
Once again what I want is,if the get property equals the Answers entered by user I want the variable1 value to be 5marks and so the variable2& variable3, else 0marks,
And when the button is clicked the Total mark scored should be added to the spreadsheet.

Can anyone please help on this,I’ve done all I could.
What I simply want is,the total scored points should be sent to the Airtable’creating a row object.
This will be possible by comparing answer set on the spreadsheet and the answered by the user in the app

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