Why do elements change their X, Y pos. on different devices

Hello I had a general doubt.

Why do elements keep changing their X & Y position on different devices?
Is there any way to universally lock the X, Y position of elements so they don’t move around on different devices?

Thank you.

Hello @varunkadapatti
Thank you for creating this post
Could you please check the “Resize Mode” you have selected on the components?

Resize Mode: “Float in Place”
Renders the component in the same aspect ratio as the design, regardless of the device size.

Oh okay, thank you.
Will this setting also ensure that the elements don’t change their X and Y coordinate position? Because in my apps some elements like checkboxes keep appearing out of place little up or little down from the original position set in the app after my apk is downloaded and running (I have not enabled Float In Place as the resize option here though)

Hello is ther3 any update on this?