Why did my app get so heavy?

why was my webview 1 app so heavy?

I used only one page with webview and compiled it, yet it was too heavy?

This feature Thunkable X.

I have the same problem , why my app is too heavy, it has just one button, and it is 36MB

Hey @groverfubpk :wave:

For a modern smart phone with 1000’s of MB of storage, I don’t think that 36 MB is particularly big.

Have you had any feedback from your users to indicate that 36 MB is an issue for them?

I would expect only one button not even a single MB

Ah, but the thing is, it’s not “just” a single button. There are lots of files and SDKs required to create an android app that is compatible with the latest API level.

A more interesting comparison would be to look at how little extra storage is needed to go from a useless app (i.e one button) and an app with dozens of screens, hundreds of components and thousands of blocks. You might notice only a few MB of an increase from the minimum system requirements.

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