Why can't two buttons share rounded corners

εœ–η‰‡ Just what i want :arrow_up_small: This is the editor

This is the actual test :arrow_up_small: This is a screenshot of my phone

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This is what i want

Screen shot of seasaw class app

There is a bug for the individual rounded corners in buttons but you can use a label instead.

See a workaround for rounded buttons.
I made the button transparent and rounded the row containing the buttons and made the row background color the color of the button.




But I want one color on the left and one color on the right.

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If all what you want to do is the user click on them then use Labels because they will give the same effect and works with rounding one side only.

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Really? 2M ago, I found that the label cannot be rounded.

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Label works fine

You can remix the same project and see it in action.