Why are the borders displayed when the Label is invisible?

I just saw that and only on Android.
On IOS it works well.
If you put a border with a label of another color than the background and you put your invisible label it will display a small dot or square depending on the shape of your label.

The secret is to set the border width to 0.1 or 0.2.
You can almost see it but it’s still disturbing.

This is strange

I would recommend posting a bug report: https://docs.thunkable.com/bugs-and-feature-requests.


The issue with the border being visible in elements 0 pixels wide and 0 pixels high exists since ages.

What does not exist since ages though is another bug which occurs when you set the “visible” property of a label to “false”; the expected behavior would be to actually hide the label but instead, its size is set to… 0 pixels wide and 0 pixels high which is exactly the first issue I described above.

So the bottom line is that the dot you see is a result of the combination of the two bugs. Yiipieee!!!


:rofl: :rofl: