Label without a border but with color=transparent has a glow on Android Devices


I just wanted to add some text to one screen and considered the label component as the only option. However, I do not know how to remove the border of the label, which does not make it look.
Is there an option, and if not, what else could I do to just insert text?


Hi @lukas_b_98knm,

I don’t think this is the default appearance for the label.

Which properties are you using?

Can you set the border color to transparent?


The glowing effect occurs on Android devices when a label has no border but the BORDER color is set to transparent. If the BORDER color property is cancelled (x), the glow will go away. I discovered this when I had labels with borders, then I removed them.


No Glow

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Hi, thanks for your message. I am not sure I understand. I have now changed the background colour to white but I still have a border even if it is set transparent. Could you tell me which changes are needed?

Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 17.18.06

Change the BORDER color. Use the x to clear it

I cleared it, but there it still has the same borders above.

Interesting. I did some additional testing and found that if there is a background color, the glow also occurs. Try clearing the background color in the same way.

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