Why am I not able to use the in list get# with the in text get #?

I’m trying to put this unattached block in the in list month correlation get #, but Thunkable is not allowing me to do so. What can I do?

Because the block returns a character (text) and not a number. If you are sure that the block will return a digit, multiply it with 1 and then attach it to the list block.


Thank you very much!

Let mw know if it worked and if so, please mark my answer as the solution. Thanks

I’m not able to do that.

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First assign the [in text j …] to a variable then add 0 to the variable or × by 1.

It will not work directly.


I am using test if, and not if else. How can I do this while using test if?

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Create a new app variable and assign it the value of your “unconnected block”. This is prior to the Test condition in the test condition you have “if true” =
[in list {app variable month correlation} get # {your newly created variable} + 0]

This works.

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