Whiteboard for teachers ! Please Post your Verdict

I know that teachers are having problem with teaching in this situation , so I created this app for them to use. I hope you Like It. feel free to Remix and tell me more components that i can use to make he app more interactive.
Link to the app

Stay safe, Stay healthy

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It’s a nice start. How do you envision teachers using it? What features are you considering adding? Are you a teacher yourself or do you know teachers you can ask to test it for you?

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Thanks :slight_smile: . actually, i am a student and i myself experience network issues when my teacher teaches us something on his/her own physical white board. So, I thought about this and tried my best.

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I think this is a nice app but the Size- button doesn’t work…

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Teachers are going to want the following features:

  1. Ability to undo last drawing
  2. Ability to erase part of the drawing
  3. Ability to add text
  4. Ability to save and load drawings

But before you do too much work, talk to your teachers and see if this is something they would find useful.


Thanks for your recommendations :slight_smile:.
currently I am on my Vacations so I will try to add more components and show Them.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:. I guess there is some Bug. I will try to fix it.

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