White screen problem

Hello guys, I have a little problem with my app.
It is composed of 3 screens, but it seems that only one wants to appear.
Here’s a screen :

When I click on “Home” app appears, but when I click on the screens “Suoni #1” or “Suoni #2” it becomes white.
Help me, please.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

P.S : These screens are on the Tap Navigator component, could it be the problem?

Are you talking about the development environment or the actual app you’re creating?

All my blocks are gone in my app. Have anyone else got that problem also…

I’m talking about development area, when it displays on the screen there is no problem

I also noticed that it happens when I rename my screen, when I leave it to “Screen1” this doesn’t happen, is there any way to fix this? I need to rename screens for my app

Hi @Team_Jaden, sorry to hear you are having issues with your screen names.

The way to resolve this for now is to remove the # from your screen names.

When you say:

do you mean you have to change the titles in your Tab navigator?

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Hi there,
It is very simple. You just to need to click Design or Block button within the tab navigator.