Where is wifi component

I rediscover thunkable that I had abandoned when it existed in classic version. I would like to redo my application but I can no longer find some components such as wifi and extension management (taifun_wifi for the access point). How to find them?
I saw that extensions are no longer allowed but are there any substitute components?
thank you!

for wifi there is a component

ok but where is it? I don’t have connectivity components. if I write wifi, web,… in the search , there is just web API. I must pay for wifi?

well are you using the drag and drop ui or normal

no it is free

drag and drop. I don’t know that there is another “normal”.

just a screenshot for know where is it please. Itry to disable drag and drop but i don’t see how for test another. I see on another topic there are bugs.

is your project looking like this when you edit it -

or like this -

I have the second but i don’t see how to put the first display

i uess use the apis its better

But where is I find the wifi component? I don’t understand sorry

did you try searching - image

nope it detects bluthoot not wifi

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oops sorry i was thinking for so long bluetooth i am sorry i misunderstood

Yes wifi words, wifi, bluetooth, web

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then you may want to use a web api

I want to rebuilt my thermostat app with an esp32 and wifi connection with access point. It’s possible now with the new version of thunkable?

yep use kodular
or use apis

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Yes i beleive, I ever use kodular but before i would prefer thunkable interface. pity


do changes there
else make it here so start discovering ask for help if u need
im there
alll ur choiceeeeeeee