Components available in Thunkable X

hi there,

I’m still new to Thunkable and still exploring it.
While I’m exploring I realized the Components that are available seems not alot compared to those mentioned in the Thunkable Docs.
Is there any differences in Components when comes to different membership I’m in?
Thank you very much for your time.

What differences do you see?

Post a link to the docs that you are looking at and tell us what you think is missing.

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hi @dean_artis,

The link I’m referring is this one: 🛠️ Components - Thunkable Docs
For example the below image is taken from the Thunkable Docs, while the second image is from my design screen.
I’m just curious with the components that I have compared to the one in the Thunkable Docs. Please correct if I’m wrong. Thank you.


Sorry for my mistake because the main reason for this is because earlier I have selected Drag & Drop Interface when creating new app project.
Thank you for your time. :pray:

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