Where is the Data Layout Customizer on the Pro plan?

I’ve looked at this video and tutorial and it jumps too far ahead and doesn’t start at the beginning. Also presenter seems quite annoyed at having to do the tutorial.

I see no ability on Pro plan to create a custom data layout. I can only use the existing templates. The row template seems to have a bug that it automatically inserts three rows as default even on an empty data set.

I’ved checked everywhere and nothing in any tutorials where this is.

It can be a little confusing sometimes because the older (and still available) Snap to Place interface is different than the newer (and default) Drag and Drop interface. That tutorial is for the older interface.

If you Google custom data viewer layout Thunkable, the first result is the official tutorial video for the Drag and Drop interface:

These newer videos are very good but if you still have questions, post them here.