Where does my hint go when an input is disabled?

The Hint text in my Text boxes has gone missing (Android).
In the Designer:


On the Phone:

I’ve cleared the Chrome cache, rebooted my phone etc. to no avail.
Please advise.

Aah, I see what the problem is.
If I make the make the Text Box non “Editable” the text goes away.
This is not great for me as I switch this property on and off and need the Hint text to always be there (if nothing is in the Text box yet).
Also I can’t use a Label as the formatting is different to a Text Box.
eg: The padding and alignment is completely out (ie: bad) - which is not ideal either.
Labels should really have the same default format as the equivalent Text box eg: the padding and horizontal and vertical alignment etc… or at least some control over it.

Hey @tonyb2 ! You can have control over these settings using the new layouts you have access to via beta testing!! Have you had a chance to play around with that yet?

I think the hint goes away to avoid confusion by the user. A hint is intended to prompt a user to use an input. So when disabling it would then make sense to remove the prompt to avoid a poor UX of people clicking an input they can’t use.

You can, however, leave text in the input while disabled and it will display on the screen.

Thanks Jared
Yes, as a result of this I have been trying the new Layouts.
Looking good so far! And I see far more options for formatting which is great!
The layouts will also solve my Vertical text Alignment issue on the Labels too!


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