When scan a qr code go to another screen

i want to when i scan typical qr code go to another screen

Hey @shayanjqueryj0ob,

Thanks for your question. Can you tell us a little more about what you’ve tried so far?

Are you using the QR scanner tutorial from our blog, or something else?

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yes i use qr scanner in thunkable…i am sorry my english is not well…actually i want create app for molding factory and i gave all machine’s factory a typical qr code so i want a app that whenever i scan one of that machines’ qr code the user send to the another screen to (for instance fill the form in that screen)

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Hi there, @shayanjqueryj0ob! :wave:

Have a look at this blog…

In the 33rd step, after TextInput set text, insert a “navigate to screen” block. :smile:


Hope it helps! :wink:

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