What is wrong for creating to Google Spreedsheet

You can see blocks.

You need to tell us what is and is not working.

What testing have you done?

What debugging have you done? I use this method: Debugging in Thunkable X (Video)

Loading icon keep going nothing happen. I created airtable base and google spreedsheet.
Datas from airtable to google spreedsheet.
After airtable reconnect with OAuth it happened.
So i was thinking to change db instead of Airtable.
Google tables enough my project but one of project is working with this table other one is not working same table.

You’re going to need to do some debugging to figure out which blocks are causing the problem.

You’re not really providing enough detail about the issue so I can’t help you at this point. Just saying “working” or “not working” isn’t enough. Are you trying to create rows, retrieve values, delete rows? Try to narrow the problem down to one set of blocks. You posted a screenshot with many blocks so it’s not clear where the problem is or even how you’re seeing the problem when you preview the project.

Once you’ve done the debugging, let us know where the problem is occuring.

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