What is the best way to import data into my Thunkable local table?

Hello all, I have a quick question… I have a Data table that I use in my trivia app, I got like 7 columns with over 100 rows… I have a little question… when I was writing it at the beginning I accidentally delete it when I was at the 30th row… now since I have a lot more I am afraid of accidentally delete it or something… since there is not ctrl+z or anything that can back up, is there any way I could dublicate it or make a back up safe for it? I don’t want to rewrite everything in case something will happens, thanks in advance!

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You can open the table and select all and copy. Go to Google sheet and paste.

The other way is to create a small procedure to read every row in the table and write it to another table as a backup and you can run this procedure any time you make updates to the original table.

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