What is faster?

I would like to know, before investing time, what is faster. Use Firebase, Airtable or Google SpreadSheet. I need to filter records so I will use filters in Airtable. For Google Spreadsheet I will use scripts because they are programmed in Appscript and I would communicate with them through the webview.
Any ideas?

I am referring to performance when querying and displaying the data.

Firebase is significantly faster. I tested Firebase against Airtable in the same app with the same data (4000 rows x 6 columns in Airtable). 2 seconds v 10 seconds searching/filtering all records to find and display the same single record.
I also found it slightly faster with the Firebase api details hard coded in with the Thunkable platform rather than calling the api through the blocks, although this does limit you to using only one database per app.

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Firebase is faster but Airtable’s filterByFormula is flexible and powerful so it depends what you need.

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Supabase is wayyyy much faster

While airtable is slower by a couple of seconds, it does have more functionality and there are a lot of things you could do to store, retrieve or display your data in different ways without too much effort. I find Airtable a whole lot easier to deal with, especially if you want to be able to analyze your data separately. Considering how you can view your tables and their realtime data, it’s also a lot easier to assess it.

Then again, firebase does have its own benefits. If there’s a specific app you’re making and you want to know which one would be better for it, feel free to post some screenshots or a brief outline of your app!