What if after submitting my app to app store my PRO plan expires?

Hi everyone, I am all set to publish my app to iOS App Store, with a set-up developer account as well. I’ll be publishing my app around 16:00 PM 27/08/2022 (IST), and my membership page says my PRO plan expires on 29th August.

I have a confusion related to what happens post-submission - once I have successfully completed the submission process on 27th august, will it be alright if my thunkable membership expires on 29th regardless my app is live on app store or not?

Does apple connect with Thunkable for any reason once I submit my app? If not, I think it shouldn’t be a problem if my membership expires on 29th, regardless my app is live on app store…

Please advice… Thanks!

EDIT: misread first post.

Hi @Dean_Artis, I did search the forum, and the results I got were about expiration of PRO after the app is on iOS app store - my question is whilst the app store reviewing is in process.

Will the expiration of PRO membership whilst app is in review with apple cause any problems? Or will it be fine? Thanks.

My apologies. I completely misunderstood the first post. That is my fault for not reading carefully, not because you posted something misleading.

I don’t know the answer to your question. Perhaps @domhnallohanlon can help.

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Your PRO membership allows you to download your application in submit-able form to a store (iOS or Android). Once downloaded, you don’t have to worry about your plan expiration. You already own the file that will be submitted for publishing and the publishing process is out of Thunkable hands. Be advised that you need an active PRO plan if you need to download some fix or update of that application to resubmit to store tho. (maybe reviewing process will reject your app for some changes to be made).


Thanks Costel, I’ll keep the reviewing fix in mind. Thanks again for replying! :+1:

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