What does the seconds since 1970 block do

there is a block called as seconds since 1970 i dont know what it do can someone explain what does it do

Great question! If you are trying to determine how long it’s been since something happened, for example a button was pressed, you can either create a timer to count up from 0 or you can check to see the difference between the number of seconds since 1970 and the time the event happened.

1970 isn’t just a fabulous year, it’s also an arbitrary date that computer scientists chose because… they liked Aerosmith?

If you Google seconds since 1970, you’ll see a lot more info about this interesting aspect of coding.


@tatiang can you give me a project based on it!

No I cannot! But you can make one yourself. :smiley:

If you can’t think of a use for it, you probably don’t need it yet. But you can always play around with the idea.

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ok thanks for help

it might have more thn 200 no.

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For instance, cloudinary uses seconds since 1970 in some rest(web) api calls. I join it with the firebase user id to create unique ids for chat messages.


Interesting,tell me about the chat,as am still gathering ideas for a private chat in my current community app with thunkable