User can cheat with us

Hello thunkers,
I want to ask whether the seconds since 1970 block give us seconds based on current time in user’s device or from anywhere else?
If it give response based on user’s device timing, then this means user can cheat with me, just let me explain more:
I am currently working on a game where user can get some coins for every 3 hours he came to play, for this purpose i am using this block and storing time in firebase, and when user come another time, showing him coins to claim and changing time saved in firebase if difference between current and previous time saved is equal to or more than 3600*3 = 10800, and if its less than 3 hours, then not doing anything. But let suppose
→ User came at 3:00 pm
→ At 3:01, he just closed the game, changed his device timing to 6:01, and reopened game.
→ Now if thunkable seconds since 1970 block works based on user’s device time, the user can easily cheat on game and just claiming more and more coins.

I don’t think that block is dependent on the device time. It’s a Unix call so it should return the same value on any device.

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