Unexpected behavior using 'time since 1970' blocks

I am attempting to convert time into seconds since 1970. this seems to work fine for any date except for the 14th. the 13th and the 15th work but not the 14th. any other date besides the 14th works. any other month or year or day. not sure why. I’m hoping to get a clue here.

I’m wondering if this is a known issue or if anyone else experiences this? I am running the app on an iPhone 11 with iOS 13


Hey @jared - not aware of any specific issue with this date.

I’m assuming this isn’t blocking you from publishing your app though, since it’s March now?

Haha. I’m not even sure this feature works in my app anymore do to multiple added features this page doesn’t reflect but should.

I’ll try to look into this today and report back. It was odd. Like, Valentine’s Day was off limits or something.

Oh…was it the 14th of every month?

Yes. I’ll try to reproduce this and will post hack here. Thanks for taking time to look at this. :open_hands:

Haha😂 this is the first time I’m seeing 14 unlucky instead of 13