What does maintaining a subscription do after an app is published in the Google Play Store?

Background: I am hoping to use Thunkable to make an app that supports my educational podcast (it teaches English). I make money in the podcast by getting Patrons via Patreon. I’m hoping that having an app in the Google Play Store that is in quiz format will cause more people to want to listen to the show(s) that corresponds to the quiz questions. Driving more eyeballs to my podcast sites is the primary motive. A second motive for having an app is generating a bit of revenue via AdMob inside the app. My app likely won’t generate even 500-1000 downloads a month. However, I hope to have multiple apps as we put out two episodes per month.

Question: I see that in order to use AdMob and also publish to the Play store, I have to use a level of subscription that is beyond my budget long term. Once I publish my app(s) to the Play store, and they are approved and distributed, do I need to keep my subscription? I understand that Thunkable houses my files and won’t let me edit them, but does my subscription affect apps that are working and already in the Play store?

Thank you in advance

I believe this might be answered by What if after submitting my app to app store my PRO plan expires?

It appears that once I download completed work, it is mine. I would need to re-subscribe were I to add more apps later or edit the ones already created.

Thanks for reading