Webviewer not works perfectly

In x.thunkable, I used web viewer, but saving data to the site’s database does not work from within the app. Instead, directly in the browser, the registration of data in the site’s database works perfectly

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Can you give some more details about this? Are you accessing a third-party website in a web viewer and trying to enter data there? Which website is it? Can you post a screenshot?

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That sounds like a strange issue. I’ve never experienced that before. I do know however, that some websites do not like web viewers. Google for example will not let you sign in in a webviewer and won’t display some of their sites in a webviewer.

What’s the URL of the website you’re trying to access? There’s a chance you may need to contact that site administrator but we should make sure that things are working on our end as well.

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I am the site administrator.
Thank you

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