Webview won't display responsive site

Hello! I’m new to thunkable and app building in general. I used bubble.is to build my app in full before I realised they didn’t offer the ability to go native so the forums over there often suggest coming here and using the webview to convert everything into a mobile app. The problem is it only displays a white screen.
The website is fully responsive so I know that isn’t an issue

Hi @Porche_Berry, welcome to the community!

3 quick follow-up questions;

  1. Are you live testing or installing your app?
  2. If you’re installing your app are you trying on iOS or Android?
  3. Is your URL http or https?


Live testing, not yet but will be android, and https

For those reading this later: I needed to add the “www.”

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Thanks for the update @Porche_Berry.

That’s interesting…any idea why? Would it have anything to do with how your cname records are configured, or would it maybe be the way that bubble.is is configured?

not a clue, sorry