Webvieser Error message

Hello there

I simply want to display this Google-Site

but get the following error shown in the WebViewer window when creating it -

See the screenshot attached
Thx for your help and wisdom

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The Web Viewer is basically an iFrame and not every website allows viewing in iframe. The are sites, some are Google official sites, that blocks iframe due to CORS settings.

If the site you are attempting to display applys CORS security settings then it could be the reason.

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Thanks very much - It looks like you are right. I googled and found the following (see below) re. iframe.
On Classic (a.k.a old) it would be possible to change the setting , but on new sites.google not anymore.
What a shame

The example is xxxxxxx website made with new Google Sites. Please note, all new Google Sites deny the embedding on other pages and there is no option to change that.( /Headers/X-Frame-Options)

Classic Google Sites provide a setting, where the website owner can allow this. Please have a look at the classic admin page (security section):

Google Sites: Sign-inthegooglesitename/system/app/pages/admin/settings

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