Web_Viewer question

Hi, community.
I´ve been working in some quizes for my lessons. They are made using Ispring Quiz maker, and they are published using html5: with the "index.html file, and the folder named “data”, where you can find the rest of the files. In my computer, it works. And if I upload one of the quizzes to their server, they work too, and I can get the “index.html” link … and when I use it, it works great in thunkable with the Web Viewer!!!

But I cannot do the same in any other server I try. do you know why I can’t do the same in my own Onedrive, Google Drive or Mega accounts? I have been using some other hostings, and nothing works, though I “share” the files and use the links of the "Index.html files, they only open the pages, but they don´t run them. I know I don´t know much about these things…, Would you mind to give me some advice. what and how do I do to solve this. Which server do you recommend? Do any of you have a solution?

In the other hand, I have been told that “Cloud storage sites aren’t the same as servers, so they may not be well suited to hosting a HTML pages”, and that “You can upload a HTML file directly to your project to display it in a Web Viewer. Simply type the name of your HTML file into the URL field of your Web Viewer”. But as I said, I have the Index file, and a folder called Data, with all of the other files and two more folders inside… When I drop them in the “choose a file or drag it here” area, it only takes the Index.html file… So What about the rest of them, which are inside the Data folder?
I´m sure I´m missing something. Could you help me? Thank you.Data