Web Viewer NSURLErrorDomain Error Code -1100


I am using webviewers (html/javascript) to upload media and files to cloudinary and firebase. Both web page files are stored on Firebase Storage as html pages with https://… web prefixes. Everything works fine on Thunkable Live, TestFlight and Play Store (test) but ONLY THE FIRST TIME the app is opened in a device (iOS/Android, Thunkable Live or executable file) the webviewers show the below error:

NSURLErrorDomain Error Code: -1100 on iOS
Domain: undefined Error Code: -2 on Android

That’s is enough for the app to be rejected from Publishing.

Looks like it is matter of changing url format on the webviewer settings but not sure what the solution is.

Would appreciate advise or solution, if you have faced same issue.

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Are these pages accessible to public?

Thanks @munner for replaying.

After doing some tests, including assigning the URL with plain text (and not from a variable) just reliased that that variable was not being assigned after login in. A silly mistake that took me couple of days to find.

Thanks once again.