Web Viewer Loading Mid-Page in iOS [July 2022]

I’m trying to figure out what is going on with iOS and loading a web page in the web viewer. I have tested on both an Android tablet and in my Android emulator and I do not see the problem with the web viewer issue on Android. Here is how the screen is supposed to load:

And, here is how it is loading:

This appears to only happen on the initial load of the app, as far as I have been able to tell. If I navigate to another screen and come back, I have not noticed it loading “centered” on the web page. Also, if I hit the reload button to trigger a reload, it is fine (web page is loaded at the top like it should be). Is there a setting I am missing somewhere to keep the web viewer from loading in a “page centered” position? I am still using StP to develop until DnD comes along…

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And, just to note, I didn’t notice this until recently when using the live app or in TestFlight. It was working fine until just a few days ago. I’m not sure what changed. I do not believe it was anything on my end anyway.

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Hey @ronnie

Not sure I’m understanding what’s wrong here. Can you share a minimal example with me and give more detail. Do you own the HTML page you are loading in the web viewer? I’ve not noticed this issue on my own projects.

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@jared, I do own the page. It’s my main screen. When it loads, it should load just like a normal web page in a web viewer: at the top. But, it’s not. Here’s a quick screen video to show:


Hopefully that’s easier to visualize. When I open a website in a web browser, I shouldn’t have to scroll to the top. It should already load at the top. Up until a week or two ago, it was. As far as I know, I haven’t changed anything in my end.

And, I do not have this behavior in Android, only iOS. I’ve never had the page load mid-page in my Android testing.

@jared, here’s an Android sample with the web viewer acting as it should:


I’ve not seen that type of behavior before. Can you share that URL with me to do some testing on my end?

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