Web Rest Questions

Below is my block that I am trying to retrieve some information, but to no avail.

My Rest is this:

Could you tell me what could be done to get me back on the list?

I am not using authentication (in case this is basic authentication disabled for testing)

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Well, right now, there is nothing that shows what exactly you have in “response”.
You show your “Rest”, but there is nothing that proves it was indeed properly accessed, or that the format is what your program expects.

My suggestion is that you get a notification alert to show the value of ‘status’, ‘error’ and ‘response’.

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I find it very handy to download the json (if you can access it via a browser) and then upload the json to Firebase to get a nice drawn out plan of where everything is. I did this for a wordpress json and it helped out so well.

Of course you don’t use Firebase as the API, just use it to get a clean overlook on where everything is. I’ve seen hidden “0” tags before that only Firebase showed. So try that :slight_smile:

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Also to add to what I said, I don’t see a “list” in CONTRA -> CONTRATO

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Communication is working correctly, because putting to return only one item (instead of a list) it works correctly. My problem is in the listage.

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Hi, @rodrigodsr.ti2tg ! :wave:

You have used a getProperty "CONTRA" and attached it to a for loop.

According to your Rest, CONTRA is not a list. It’s a property of every item of CONTRATO.
So, when you are trying to get every item from CONTRA, the loop breaks, because CONTRA is not a list; It’s a text property.

Thanks! :blush: