Web error when clicking on my old link in favorites

Hello great thunkable community.

I have a problem …
It’s been about a year since I entered (from the web) as I have always entered…

Now I want to go into app.thunkableclassic.com ) and I get error…
when I manage to enter it obviously enters a more renewed version … ( x.thunkable.com ) …
but… I can’t find my old projects that I had created…
Is there any way to recover them ?

Thanks very much for your help

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Welcome to Thunkable.

The classic version has been out if service since long.

You can only access Thunkable X which uses a new project format that is not compatible with the old .aia file formats for projects.

Projects designed in the old classic version will not show in the X version and cannot be converted or imported.

You just need to start your project as new in Thunkable X.


ohh thank you very much for your extensive and complete answer !!

There is no way to recover or view old projects right?

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This has been asked by others and the official answer from Thunkable is NO.

Projects developed in the classic version cannot be recovered at this time and this is due to the fact that Thunkable has announced that the classic servers would go out of service and users need to save their projects. The announcement was made months before taking the servers off line.

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understood correctly, thank you very much again

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