Web Apps default to initial screen when resized

I am very interested on the new publish to web app, I cant wait until we can use our domains.

anyways I was in the process of doing some research to build a webapp and I noticed something…I looked in the forums and didn’t see it mentioned so am sorry if I missed it and this is a double post.

I noticed that web apps will default to the initial screen when the web apps windows is resized.

e.g. ill use darren’s web app as an example

  1. if i go to https://sendth.at/
  2. click start
  3. if browser windows is dragged, the web app resets to the welcome/index screen.

i tested it with 3 other webapps found in the forums, the result where the same (Browsers used Chrome and Opera)

Hey @sleon003x2rq, :wave:

Nope - this hasn’t been mentioned before, thanks for taking the time to report it.

Are you familiar with Github by any chance? You can log this here if you like. Is this behaviour blocking you from completing your Thunkable project?


No problem
Well I just checked again, and all is well! the page resizes without any issues that I can immediately observe.