Web Api option help

I want to see my api in the web api option, my api is a livestream that has songs covers artists and titles that i want to show on the screen. And change it everytime another song is playing. How to do it?

Are you able to view that data using a third-party tool such as Postman? If so, then you should be able to get it to work in Thunkable. But the first step is to make sure it works in Postman.

In my experience, Web APIs return JSON text, not streaming media. So if you’re wanting something else, making you’re thinking of a Web Viewer?

but i onky see the text, i want to see the song covers. How to do it?

Well, since APIs can only return text, you would need to return a url to a song cover image and then assign that to an Image component’s picture in Thunkable.