Web_API blocks not working since 8 Sep

Thanks for the sharing.

How I do debugging for my blocks normally is exactly what you mentioned - put in data reads at each step until the problem occur. In this case, the URL is not even registered in the API URL parameter block. And yes, for blocks with API and JSON or Object returns, I will use error or status blocks to check. The above example was just a minimally working example to replicate the error, not reflective of my practice.

Anyway, in the Thunkable Live update dated 10 Sep. the crash is resolved. The outstanding problem is the Live test on the desktop design page. But since the other testing modes are still working fine, so I let it be for the time being.


This has been resolved too. Please check and confirm.

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Nope, its not. Still behave differently from Thunkable live tests, and responsive webapp test.

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I see that I was in a hurry and did not understand the situation. The fact that you output data to the screen and debug blocks is fine. But in this case, I was wrong - this is not your problem, but the update problem. In my application, different screens cause a crash. With the visibility of the Column block, I told, but on some other screens there is no Column visibility change block, but they also cause a crash even when I detach all the blocks on the screen! At the same time, there are no such errors in the BlueStaches 4 emulator with Android 7 and all screens work.

On iOS 12, all screens work. This suggests that the problem is with Android.

I made a simple example for you. It works for me in Live Test on the device and in the \ emulator. Can you check it yourself?


I also see problems with the fact that after a change in the project, changes may not actually occur. That is, you add a block, it appears in the editor, but it is not physically in the application, since after restarting the browser, this block is not in the project.

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I summarize the result. In LiveTest:

In BlueStacks 4 (Android 7), my screens with streaming radio and WebAPI work.

On the Huawei Android 9 phone, the screen with streaming radio and WebAPI cause a crash (with apk, too, a crash)

On a phone with Android 8, the screen with streaming radio and WebAPI work, but after the first launch, the screen with WebAPI failed.

It looks like a problem with some versions of Android.

There is no crash on iOS 12, but streaming radio is not played in native mode, only via the web.

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